The Merino Wool Sleep Guide

We all want our loved ones to sleep threw the night, in a safe and comfortable environment.

 Our bodies recover best while we're sleeping. A lack of sleep lowers the natural resistance of our bodies, often making us cranky and affecting our immune system. The comfort of our bed plays an essential role in the quality of our sleep. Not only does it determine the way we sleep, but it also dictates the state we're in when we wake up.

Your baby will sleep much sounder if you use Merino wool. Wearing, sleeping in, or being wrapped in Merino wool will help your baby sleep longer, and wake up less. Also, because babies can't regulate their body temperature very well, their body heat often dips. Merino wool has natural properties that help your baby's body by managing his or her body temperature. Additionally, a baby can be prone to overheating when sleeping in synthetic fabrics, but Merino wool provides an even and comfortable warmth.

Research shows that weight gain in underweight newborns was 61% higher when sleeping on a wool underlay compared to a cotton sheet. Merino wool is also naturally renewable and biodegradable.

A baby sleeping in Merino wool is a healthy and happy baby.