Our story

Lilli & Leopold was created by me, Dyveke Cappelen Beugnet.

As long as I can remember I have had a special urge to create, and make things. As a 5 year old I remember finding some canvas and tape around the flat, for me this was enough to make the most fantastic pair of shoes, The "tip toe shoe” I taped the canvas to my feet, and could sneak around the flat without anyone hearing me, Perfect for spying, and scaring my father out of the newspaper. Growing up with my father, a scientist who thought it best to let me do whatever I wanted, I was able to create my own style. Dungarees the wrong way around with a dress over (not to practical in kindergarten when I wanted to go to the little girls room) made me confident in wearing whatever I felt like, no boundaries. This has pretty much followed me all my life. I do not like boundaries, and I love to play ..

Now I am a fashion designer, specialised in women's wear, and I graduated from ESMOD, International school of fashion in 2001. Spending several years designing dresses and gowns for various occasions as weddings, balls at the royal Norwegian castle, TV shows, award presentations, TV commercials etc. always with a twist of personality, using unexpected elements, as leaves from a coconut tree that fell down during a storm we experienced during a holiday in Mexico, or Vintage sheets with monograms found on the side of the road in France, Laces, ribbons etc…new or already worn on nightgowns or wedding dresses.. from French file markets and second hand shops.,,
There is beauty in so many objects, why limit yourself to the obvious..

I met my French husband Eric in 1995, we got married in 2003, and we got our kids, Lilli and Leopold in 03 and 06 This is when the lust for designing baby clothing started.
There was a lack in the market for stylish Merino wool underwear for babies and kids.
In Scandinavia this is a must, as the Winters are cold and not going out is NOT an option, being comfortable outside makes you able to appreciate the winter, play freely, and relax in the elements... The already existing products on the market were a bit too “sporty” for my eclectic taste…
With my international background I wanted something classic and vintage inspired, fit for the city slickers and conscious parents.
In 2011 I started Lilli & Leopold, Invested my savings in a small delivery that sold out immediately, and ever since I have had one or two drops a year. The same styles have been there from the start. The colours change from season too season and are always inspired from old time cartoons, mother nature and 1930`s ceramics. I have a super soft spot for “off” colours .Shades that look sun bleached, worn, used, and deep.

                      I hope you like our product, they are meant to last.