Behind the scenes


Step by step for a perfect garment from Lilli og Leopold.


The manufacturing of our Merino wool styles takes approximately 4 months. Here  is an insight on the actions necessary from start to a finished and ready to wear product.


Step one is the rigorous blend for the perfect colour.


Then comes the advanced process of coloring the fabric with pigments, suitable for our delicate fibers.


Thirdly, colored yarn is knitted on circular machines to become the end fabric used for our garments.


The weaving machines used are precise and require skilled and trained workers hands to handle the delicate fibers. Tension has to be finely adapted to chosen knit patterns. One x one rib is our choice for a suitable and flexible fit for babies and children.  


Once all colors are knitted, the rolls are checked for discoloration, and flaws are removed before packaging and shipping to the manufacturer.  


Upon arrival rolls of finished knitted Merino wool are laid flat to "rest" on very large tables.  


After a few days,  the patterns, created in collaboration with the patternmaker and I, are placed on the knitted rib, and cut out into parts that will be sewn together.


All finished cut parts, sizes, colours and styles are then fit, and sewn together by skillful workers with long experience and a fabulous knowledge on matching small details to create a perfectly balanced finish.